Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Ken Hale Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing companies in Sydney. Together with builders and major construction and civil developers we offer commercial plumbing and drainage solutions. .

We have worked on prestige projects throughout Sydney, delivering plumbing solutions for:

  • Police Stations;
  • Sydney Trains;
  • Sporting Facilities;
  • Pubs and Clubs;
  • Shopping Centres;
  • Aged Care Facilities;
  • Hospitals;
  • Schools; and
  • Recreation and Sporting Facilities

Some of the projects Ken Hale Plumbing can look after are:

  • Sydney Water major and minor works;
  • Commercial hydraulic plumbing;
  • Gas and fire services plumbing;
  • Civil plumbing and drainage; and
  • Commercial drainage systems

Why Choose Ken Hale Plumbing

  • Our team is experts in commercial and civil plumbing who are proactive and excel in their field.
  • We have the technology and equipment to perform any commercial and/or civil plumbing project on time and on budget.
  • We are ISO accredited so you are guaranteed to receive services that are proven to meet customer and regulatory requirements every time.

Need an estimate for your next tender? We can help!

Ken Hale Plumbing has an experienced team who will work with you to provide an accurate review of your plans and provide you with a cost-effective pricing schedule for your next tender. You will receive a comprehensive estimate clearly stating the inclusions and exclusions. To get in contact with our estimating team email or call us on 02 4773 9275 today.

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