Excavation Services

Say goodbye to pipe visibility. Keep your pipes underground where it is safe and out-of-sight with Ken Hale Plumbing’s Excavation Services.

With our excavation services, you can create an entire underground network of pipes, turning your plumbing system into a pipeline. Just give us a call at Ken Hale Plumbing today and we’d be on the way in no time.

Why Use Excavation Service

  • Underground plumbing is the preferred means of delivering water and gas over long distances
  • It reduces the risk of pipe damage
  • Underground pipes consume little to no space
  • Underground pipes require very little maintenance
Excavations Services

At Ken Hale Plumbing, our excavation services include the following services

  • Creation of underground plumbing systems
  • Creation of in-wall plumbing systems
  • Repair or replacement of underground or in-wall pipes pipes
  • Creation of underground drainage systems
  • Creation of stormwater retention systems

Why Choose Ken Hale Plumbing

  • At Ken Hale Plumbing, ours is a service of professionalism and perfection.
  • We only use the best and most recent tools and equipment.
  • Our technicians are certified, licenced, and experienced in the handling of the various modern plumbing systems.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction. At Ken Hale Plumbing, our job is not done until you are satisfied with it.